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New Managed Services Manager . . .

  • I have been recently assigned the posistion of managed services manager. I got the job to try to get our managed services division going. The previous manager was just winging all new setup and so on. He has no documentation or best practice procedures or anything of the like. That will be my first task to complete, coming up with a set of documents like "procedure for rolling out a new client" or "patch management setup" or "monitoring configuration" . . .

    My question is . . . are there any best practice or how to type of ducments out there to start from???? Has anyone documented there procedures???? I would love to not reinvent the wheel!!!


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  • How to use Kaseya effectively.pdf
    Hi J,

    This doc from Kaseya is a good place to start if you haven't seen it. Love to know if you receive any methodologies or best practices from others.

    We're working on them, but have not done a good job of documenting thus far...time and money!


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  • Thats a very nice document. Thanks to Kaseya for it and thanks to Tim for sharing!

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