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  • Everytime I try to delete tickets i run into the problem that the filter which is supposed to hide tickets last modified after a certain date. When you first load the page it loads to the calendar that is most recent (i.e. June 2007) however once i select for it to hide anything after Dec 06 the filter then loses the most recent date and shows only June 2006 as the most recent one, so after attempting to do a select all and delete, it'll ask if I'm sure i want to delete x amount of tickets then nothing happens. The tickets never get deleted and then the filter resets to showing April 04 as the most recent date.

    Anyone Running into this problem.

    I'm currently running 4.8 and i've had this issue since 4.6 and was hoping one of the updates would correct this. So far no luck.

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  • If this is a repeatable bug then send a clear click by click list of what you do to get the bug to support@kaseya.com and they'll have it fixed in a jiffy!

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