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High CPU usage caused by the IIS Worker Process (W3WP.EXE)

  • Wondered if anybody else has noticed a link between the number of people using your Kaseya VSA portal and the Kaseya server being slow due to high CPU usage of the IIS Worker Process (W3WP.EXE)?

    Also does anybody else have more than 10 people logged on to your VSA portal at the same time and have you noticed any performance issues?

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  • I could be wildly wrong here, but i've seen a similar issue with a non Kaseya server, but the same symptoms, have you investigated a windows patch?

  • Doubt if this has anything to do with this thread, but I had a High CPU usage that lasted for about 30 min on my SQL box which caused slow issues on my vsa. The high cpu was caused by sql, but not sure what was causing it. Just as strange as it appeared, it disappeard.

    I did find that there were issues with the VSA accessing the Ksubscribers database, which I believe to be the culprut, but not sure why or how it got dorked, much less how or why it fixed it's self. Keeping my eye on it though.

  • I have traced the IIS Worker Processes High CPU usage issue to the “/LocalAuth/emailNotify.asp” getting stuck in the requests queue. The number of users is not so much the issue but it is causing more requests to queue up.