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SQL 2005 Workgroup versus Standard Edition

  • We have bene evaluating Kaseya and are probably going to deploy it. At this stage we are looking to put the SQL server onto its own box.

    SQL 2005 has two flavours that look like they might be suitable, Workgroup and Standard.

    Workgroup is limited to two CPUs and 3GB of RAM, and is only available in 32 bit edition - but it much cheaper (less than half that of standard edition). In our case we believe this would be suitable based on the sizing guide in the install manual.

    Is Kaseya supported on the Workgroup edition, or only the Standard edition?

    Also, is a processor licence required, or do you just need a SQL CAL for every operator?

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  • My six sols or two cents. My opinion is thatyou could get away with the Workgroup Edition of SQL 2005. I base this opinion based on the fact that you can run Kaseya on MSDE. The flavor of SQL you run is primarily based on the number of agents you wish to support.

    Check out :



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