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Lan Watch / PsExec Issues

  • I discovered the new version of PsExec has been modified by Microsoft and now has a shrinkwrap licence agreement when you first execute it.

    As a result using Lan Watch to roll out new Agents will hang on the Remote Server until you remote into it and Click to Agree to the new Microsoft licencing.

    The original SysInternals version does not have this requirement.

    To sort this out I downloaded
    which is still working as of December 18, 2006

    I then went to
    and renamed the existing psexec.exe to psexec.exe.old and extracted the "psexec.exe" file in its place.

    This seems to have resolved my issue.

    Cheers, Jason

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  • This new version supports acommand line switch to auto accept the end user license agreement. We have posted a hotfix to add in this command line switch. You won't get this pop up if you are at the latest hotfix level.

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