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Who to believe - Kaseya Patch Mgmt or WUS?

  • We have an SBS 2003 Server running Kaseya. We have automatic updates set to download and notify (because we like to check on Kaseya and make sure they are releasing patches quickly enough).

    On this specific machine, WUS shows about 12 very serious patches needing installation. However, if go into Kaseya, it shows those patches having already been installed (though it doesn't show any install date).

    Which one do I believe? What causes this discrepency? Sad

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  • You should be able to check a workstation in question to see if the patches themselves are installed on the machine to get your answer.

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  • So what was the verdict?

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  • I have a similar issue. We have Windows updates disabled, and Kaseya says there are no missing patches & no reboot required. When you go into the server Windows update says that there are patches pending and a reboot is required to install updates. Where on the machine is the reboot required message in Kaseya coming from and which one is correct?

  • Are you approving patches by Patch policy?

    If you deny patches but windows updating is still turned on, it will show you all the patches you denied in Kaseya.

    I know you said you disabled windows updates, but when you do a manual Windows update on the server i think it might turn it back on. The patches you are seeing are the ones denied by Kaseya (or at least that's my theory anyway)

    I'd think its safe to ignore the symptoms and either trust Kaseya, or don't. I know that with some strict rules approving by patch policy, i hit well about 90 percent patching every single time and i have never had a negative impact, my customers have never had such up time. WSUS on the other hand, not so much.