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Feature Request: Remote Control that Supports Terminal Environments

  • With the growing concept of the cloud and cloud based computing I think this is going to pop up more and more in the coming years. Our company uses Kaseya to manage hundreds of machines, and we use the remote control feature many times a day. The problem is there is no remote control type that supports being run within a terminal services environment.

    I'm not talking about remote controlling a terminal services session. I mean the environment I am using and thereby accessing Kaseya through is a Citrix XenApp 6.5 Terminal Services environment and there are a couple of us here that use the Kaseya system. If one of us has a VNC connection established anyone else who tries to remote control from a different terminal services session sends any remote requests to the user who has the initial VNC connection. The VNC remote window will appear on the other users computer within their terminal session. Once that user closes all remote sessions the vnc service is then freed up to use by anyone else, it just can only be used by one person at a time.

    Please look into adding a remote control module that allows multi user access to the session within a Terminal Session. Surprisingly the remote control works decently within a cloud based terminal environment. There is obviouslly some latency issues and definite lag, but it can get the job done. Right now we have to leave our terminal sessions to remote control and things get VERY confusing having to juggle windows around.

    Unfortunately Terminal Services RDP WILL NOT WORK within the citrix session. This is a feature that would be VERY nice to see in the near future.


  • I cheat and use join.me now for support from within my Citrix environment to help an end user.  doesn't require user permissions and actually works well on client side.  Outside of that I use logmein.

    I have never gotten the plugins to work within my Citrix account and after playing around a bit I just said screwit...

  • Yes we too have been using join.me as a workaround. I agree it's a great tool! Not only that but it allows me to remote control (or "Shadow") users within their Citrix environments. I was just hoping there was some way that Kaseya would be able to add some support for Citrix, just because sometimes we need to access unmanned machines and we do this A LOT during a day, working on servers and such. Switching in and out of my Citrix environment, which spans all four of my monitors, using F2 and then resizing it to fit a single monitor gets tedious and confusing.

    I do agree though, join.me is a great tool and if you weren't aware that it also allows you to shadow other peoples Citrix sessions, within their citrix session, now you know! Thanks for the reply Mark!!!