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Replying to Tickets via email

  • With our current ticketing system, we have the ability to reply to a ticket via email and have our response added to the ticket as well as emailed to the client.

    I've checked Kaseya, Autotask and Connectwise and none of them can do it. I can't believe that we are the only ones that would enjoy that feature. It's great because you can give a quick reply to a ticket via email alerting the client and the rest of the team that you got the ticket notification and add possibly a quick fix (ie. Have you rebooted?)

    Does anyone know another ticketing systems (PSA) that does this. I've mentioned it to both Autotask and Connectwise and they said they would look into it. It's an easy function since all they need to do is parse the ticket #.

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  • Shouldn't be hard to do - PCLaw has this feature, where there is a small Outlook plug-in that tracks e-mail and auto-adds it to the PCLaw database based on the recipient or other items in the e-mail.

    And that's a $300 product.

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