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  • I don't know what dollar amount of the license might be allocated to support, and as a consultant for the license holder I don't pay the bill or even know his costs for this system. What I do know is that I have both freeware and shareware with much faster technical support via email. I have not tried to phone in with any issues yet so can't comment there altho if I expected vip service I'd also expect an itemized fee for it.

    I'm glad to read that support has been adequate in the past, perhaps all the staff is busy re-writing documentation, it is surely in need of attention and could greatly reduce the tech support issuses imo.

    The only carreer positions advertised on their web site are for inside sales, what does that say for improving support conditions ....

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  • As a data point, tech support has been superbly responsive for us in the 1+ year we've been with Kaseya.

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  • Been a Kaseya user for over a year now. I have a love/hate relationship with it and them.

    Support has always been an issue. They're friendly and try to help but the impression I get is that they're HIGHLY understaffed. Best I can tell, there are two people.

    Some people report great luck with support. Others (like me) don't. One thing I've found is that most who say they've gotten great support and get right through on the phone are from the East Coast - and presumably are calling early in the morning. Those like me on the West Coast are calling once the day has already started - and things have likely started to back up.

    I've had a number of nagging problems that simply have not been resolved; often, the same irrelevant things get repeated to me over and over. I usually get an e-mail response late at night (ok because I'm a night owl myself) but I've just resigned myself to not expecting anything to get fixed in less than a couple of days in most cases.

    For instance, at some point after the latest upgrade, I found that NONE of the agents were showing patch scans, even though the script log showed that they were running properly as scheduled. I ended up having to reschedule every single computer that was supposed to have patch scanning. You'd think this would be a high priority item that would get a response in maybe a couple of hours. Nope, took far longer than that (I think it wound up being several days of back and forth but I could be wrong).

    Granted, not all issues are urgent. A "how can I do this" sort of question isn't urgent and I don't expect an answer right away - even a few days is ok (though some responses have taken more than a week). But if I'm at a client and an agent isn't working properly, I can't just tell them I'll come back some other time because I'll look like a complete chump. And support is usually a matter of "try this and let me know what happens" which means any issue is going to drag out for days.

    I personally know several people who have gone with other solutions just because their support is better.

    I'm not complaining just to be obnoxious and complain; I'm complaining because it is an issue that isn't just my opinion - others face the same issue. And it is something that is probably costing Kaseya money and - since I DO have so much invested in Kaseya - I really would like to see them succeed and be what they should be.

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