I need some help on Backup and Recovery,

First i installed the backup software on my laptop and created an image of that. (8 Gigs in 32 minutes on a USB device)

- Installation of secue zone failed many times but after a long time.. it finally installed
-Automatic Recovery Failed. The laptop hung on executing xml file after it downloaded it from the VSA
- CD Recovery failed with error: Could not find ASZ
-Manual Recovery, first booted the full version beceause I use an USB drive to backup my data. The full version also said "Could not find ASZ"
-Manual Recovery (Safe) it actually did see my USB device and i was able to restore the image file... only it took 4 hours to restore 8 Gigs!

Then i installed the backup software on a testserver and created an image of that server (6 gigs in 3.30 minutes)
- The story is the same as above... only in manual recovery (Safe) it suddenly didn't see my USB drive anymore. Where am i going wrong?

Kind Regards

P. Twisterling

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