I'm sure Rob from Support will end up giving me a hand on this anyways but... I am just trying to see if anyone can offer me help through this weekend.

I have had a lot of crap go worng with my Kaseya server.. Finally we were able to determine it was my GPO's , so I formatted the damn Kaseya box, Created a seperate OU for it and enabled "block inheritance" via AD on the GPO settings.

With that for about 2~3 weeks now I had no problems: ALL WORKED WELL!!

Ahh my luck however... Ever since thrusday the server stopped serving AGAIN on the IIS-side. The services are working (all my clients continue pushing to data to the SQL end and they show the blue icon) but when you try to connect to the server either via locahost on the server or from outside it gives me the 404 error and the URL is showing as :


where # stands for the temp session ID assigned to it at the time. The weird thing? I really can't locate the damn file!

Can anyone help? Like why did this happen?


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