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Need Your Feeback on setting "Reboot Action" for Patching

  • Hello.

    How many of you feel comfortable with patching computers during the day when people are on their computers? Asmy company stands today, we schedule a particular night every week (scheduled downtime)for each client and we patch during that time.

    The reason we do it this way is because we previously used Shavlik and while it had the same "Reboot Action" options that Kaseya provides, in practice Shavlik would reboot computers inappropriately/unexpectedly. Nothing is more invasive to a client then having their computer reboot suddenly in the middle of working. As a matter of fact.. we had such a bad time with clientscomputers "rebooting" that we were in jeopardy of loosing clients over this. Since that time we never used those functions.

    How reliable is the Kaseya reboot action options? If we could patch users everyday it would save us a lot of time and management; so if its stable we want to-do it. We are shy of havingthe Kaseya system prompt them and ask them if they want to reboot, asit seems that users click "ok" all day and might reboot their machine by accident (because they didn't read the question).

    How are you patching computers (which reboot action) and how reliable is it working for you? Ever had a computer reboot when it shouldn't have?

    Thank You

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  • Hi,

    We patch our users in the day whilst they are working, we informed them as to the normal time for patches to be applied eg. Thursday at 09:00 and they are quiet happy with this. We set the reboot action to ask first and if no response ask again each hour. Some of the users have been configured to ask and if no response do nothing. So far there has not been any problems with this.

    It is better to do patches in the day as if the workstation/laptop is turned off at night it will remain unpatched


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  • We are a 24/7 operation and have a number of machines that are used all three shifts.
    We try to patch our machines during the time period that they may be inactive. For those that are being used 24 hours a day, we have it set to "Skip reboot if user logged in.".
    As of yet, we have had no instances where the reboot action did anything other than what it was set for.

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  • I found that applying patches while users were working was causing a problem. The MS Patch would often take over the 'Active' desktop. Now this would occur and be over so quickly, that the user never saw anything. However, if they were is the act of typing, email, spreadsheet, document, etc., when the MS Patch released the 'Active' desktop, it did not necessarily return it to the application the user had open. As a result, users would find themselves typing into thin air. Very annoying for the users.

    A simple solution was to schedule patches to start deploying after business hours. I use the reboot actions all the time, and while I won't say they never hiccup, I've not heard complaints. Most all my customers are 9-5'ers, but one client is a TV station, and another is a trucking firm with night dispatchers. So I set all my reboot actions, except servers, to "Ask User, Reboot if no response within 10 minutes." This seems to work great, again, no one has complained about unexpected reboots. It is important to educate the users to know what the 'Reboot' message is, so they don't freak when it pops up, but it hasn't caused a problem.

    I tried out Shavlik, and as I remember, I did not like their 'reboot' setup. Admittedly, I didn't work with it too long, because why use a wagon when you can use a F-350?

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  • We have not been happy with the Reboot Actions. It seems that regardless of what setting we choose, the computers reboot immediately. Right now, we have it set to simply email us when the computer needs a reboot. However, this isn't totally reliable because if you install a "patch" like the Malicious Software Removal Tool, it will email you saying that the computer "may" need a reboot.


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  • Michael..I share your same frustration, primarily as it pertains to installation of the backup agent. Presumably, reboot actions use the Patch Management setting. I've found that virtually all the time (though still unpredictably) a server will reboot immediately upon installation of the acronis backup agent regardless of the setting. Very frustrating. Being that you have to manually accept the unsigned drivers notification, it's difficult to schedule this process after hours and rely on the software to do the work. Any suggestions?

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  • Nothing yet. We have not opened a ticket with Kaseya concerning this yet. Have you? This is one of the next things we plan to bring up to see if it can be fixed. Right now, we are continuing with the "no reboot, email us when done" option.


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  • The backup installation does not use the reboot action in patch management. After installation, it checks to see if anyone is logged in. If someone is logged in, it asks to reboot. If no one is logged in, it reboots immediately. This is probably what is happening to your server.

    We have a maintenance release, v4.6.2, coming out at the end of June, that will add a check box to the backup install that will let you disable reboot after install all together. You can then control it manually yourself by either clicking the reboot now button (that will show up on the Install/Remove function) or rebooting at the server.

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