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Problems with Folder and Offiste Backups

  • So far I have had no luck with Folder and/or Offsite backups. I can get them to work in test scenarios but they are totally unreliable in real world situations.

    Has anyone had any luck with this and do you have any suggestions on how to get it work? I was told by the Kaseya sales guys that the new backup would be released on May 1st and now have been told it has been delayed. I have sold this to a lot of people and now it is not working. This has beenvery frustrating and disappointing. I feel like I have been completely ripped off so far regarding the backups (the onsite image backups seem to work really well).

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • What kind of problems are you seeing? We have have gotten it working on clients sites but it does have some caveats..

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  • I am told that the new version will be ALOT better and more realibe . I am also holding onto the 4.6 and am praying that the entire backup system will be great. I am very optimistic that they will do a great job with the new 4.6 version. Hold on if you can , I am as well.

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  • The biggest problems we have had are that the FTP tests okay but then fails randomly and does not try to restart, the zip files are often corrupt or incomplete (even locally) and the logs are not accurate in telling us if or why the backups have failed. In general I have had to resort to running the folder backups on Windows backup files and then using a 3rd party utility to syncronize those via FTP. Needless to say, this is not an efficient way of going about this and is something we could have implemented ourselves without Kaseya.

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  • Backup in the current version does not function completely. In 4.6 which is currently slated for May 30th release will hopefully fix the open issues. We have it running on a few servers and the local backup seems to work for the most part. We are able to mount the images and restore the data locally. On the other hand, many users have found that some backups were corrupt.

    So the issues right now are that there is no way to really verify that the data within the backup image is viable. The other issue is remote replication. You must do a local backup and then replicate it via FTP to a remote location. We found that it almost always times out - no matter what schedule or file size you set. We even have a dedicated line between sites where the only traffic that travels that line is domain replication and backup data. It still doesn't work.

    We have resorted to automated file synchronization tools over a vpnto facilitate the offsite copies. To mount the remote image though, you need a full retail copy of Acronis loaded. For the verify, we are still left without a solution other than manually mountingthe image and trying to restore data periodically.

    So hang in there - the 30th is coming soon. Kaseya is waiting for some last minute deliverables from Acronis which will hopefully resolve this once and for all as well as add some new cool features to make the backup more flexible. Hopefully we will be one of the release candidate testers, so i might have some good news to report sooner than that.

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  • I just wanted to update this thread to say that we are now having much less trouble on the machines that we have successfully installed the backup on. We have had trouble getting the backup installed on machines that had the old version on them. Some upgrade with no trouble and some do not. New installs are working very well. I would appreciate any suggestions on upgrading.

    Thank you.

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