A few weeks ago someone started a post on software auditing and they had suggested that Kaseya include the list of applications in the Add/Remove programs area as a method to get closer to the list of applications that we want to track. SW License section shows too few apps while Installed Apps section shows way too many.

Someone even posted a script to gather the Add/Remove Programs data and put it into an HTML file.

I had posted my findings when I compared my list of Add/Remove Programs to the list of programs identified by the SW Licenses Audit section. I found many licensable applications that showed up in my Add/Remove but were not identified by Kaseya's SW Licenses audit.

Unfortunately, that message thread disappeared from this forum. Sad

I know that I'm still interested in learning more about this topic. And I'd like to know what others are doing to provide ACCURATE software license reports to their clients. We have a client right now that has received a letter from the BSA so they are eager to get these software license reports that we promised them. But the only way that we are able to produce an accurate list is to manually go through the list of Installed Applications (which contains thousands of EXE's that we don't care about) tocreate theapps list and put it into an Excel spreadsheet.

Anyone have a better suggestion? Will this be "improved" any time soon? I was not aware of the limited list of software products that were identified by the SW License audit. For example, ACT! is not identified, yet it is an extremely common application.

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