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Blocking file access by time...

  • I might be overlooking this, but is there a way to block file access on a time basis? I have a few medical offices that would like to deny access to the patient applications, say between 6pm and 5am.

    If not, now, how about a low on the list feature request?

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  • Depending on what O/S your working with there are features out there for some that can do exactly what your looking to try to do. If you check on google in a search of time restrictions or something along those lines you'll see howto go about that. Then from those directions you could probably setup a script to run to stop the access at say 6:05pm (making sure all personel is off the systems) and another to start theaccess at 5:00am.

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  • We sell a product called RES PowerFuse that does just that, and then A LOT more. Check it out http://www.res.nl.

    Adam Steinhoff

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