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Feature Request: Ticket Aging and Escalation

  • It could be very usefull to be able to modify by rules one or more of a ticket header fields on due date.

    For example you have a field with priority levels low, normal, high and urgent.

    Whenyou create a ticket with priority normal with a due date of two days later than the creation, if the due date is reached you could change priority to high and modify the date to the end of the same day.

    The configuration could be based on rules like due date policies.

    Anyone interested in something like this?

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  • Kaseya already has plans to enhance ticketing to add escalation based on user defined work flow rules. In addition to due date, we plan to allow rules based on any of theticketing fields. You'll also be able to assign tickets to admin roles rather than just an individual (same for escalation). We have not scheduled a release date for this enhancement as yet.

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