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volume backup - getting initial baseline, and how to manage client disk space?

  • I've read the other threads on backup and these two questions remain unanswered. These are showstoppers for us so I'm interested in anything the community can share.

    1. The initial full volume backup can be quite large. We're seeing in the range of 10-20G for a small network. Moving this through the internet takes an unacceptably long time. We've tried imaging to an external disk then physically moving the disk to our office, copying the baseline full image to our server in the "Offsite Replication "FTP Directory," then rushing the external disk back to the customer for the next nightly incremental. Seems that Kaseya doesn't recognize this as a valid full or something and tries to do another full? Not fully tested here but no luck so far. So the (long) question is, how to get the baseline full image to our servers in a timely manner so we can then write and replicate incrementals?

    2. Managing client disk space on the image location drive is a problem. How to know which files can be deleted (doing incrementals, not differentals)? How to know, in advance, that an image will be too big for the image location so we can anticipate and head off a backup failure? This could be solved through some elaborate scripting, but is not really a problem we, the Kaseya user, should have to solve to use the backup feature since it's marginally useful without these capabilities.

    Appreciate anyone's input.

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  • The backup of a full image for me seems to work great. Where I am having issues is restoring that image by mounting it. It seems that some some machines it works and some it does not.

    Rod Hendrix and I are trouble shooting this rigth now and we are talking back and forth with Acronis.

    One really really big issue that I am having is there not a really easy way to do backups with diffrent datasets. Meaning, Ihave my servers doing full backups every 2 weeks and doing daily incremental in between. What if day 14 happens and the full backup work perfectly. I cannot recover any backup data from a few days ago or a week ago.

    John from kaseya reccommended that I copy the data from one place to the other but the problem is that I have to do more manaul scripting . I don't really want to think that hard about it. I woudl like it if we had the abilty to have those 2 week backups for a longer period of time. I wantto be able to restore2 weeks ago at any point. I believe kaseya will probobly be improvingfeatures as they come out.

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