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Notifications are rejected by e-mail blocker

  • I am trying to utilize the notification system inside of Kaseya. I use this to let me know when hardware or software has been added to a computer on my network. The problem is that when ever a notification is sent to my e-mail account the built in spam blocker rejects the notification. Is there any way of changing the way the notification e-mails look so that it does not pick up as a spam e-mail? The e-mail blocker is not managed by me it is managed by my company. I would like to find a way of changing the e-mail without having my company change there filter. Any suggestions?

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  • Odds are the e-mail is being sent directly from the Kaseya server's SMTP service on the server's IP address. Further, odds are this IP address is not an MX record for the domain the e-mail is sent from. In this case many spam filters will filter the e-mail. What you probably need to do is set the MS SMTP service to relay off of the real mail server for your e-mail domain. Whoever hosts the mail server would need to make the appropriate security changes to allow this.

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