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Master admin scripts can be cancelled by regular admins

  • Hello,

    I have noticed that that if a master administrator schedules one of their private scripts to run on a client, that script can be cancelled by regular admins who have control over the client in Kaseya and are given scripts access in function access.

    Although regular admins cannot cancel such scripts from the main Scripts tab since they don't see master admin scripts, they can cancel them from thePending Scripts tab on the Machine Summary page. This behavior seems inconsistent and I am wondering if it was intended by Kaseya designers to allow or prevent master admin scripts from being cancelled by admins with less privileges.

    Hopefully the latter is the case since since master admins are "master" for a reason Smile

    Thank you,


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  • As being a regular admin, I have caught my boss starting scripts which conflicted with events I was in the middle of or planning for a client. Just silly things like a "reboot" scheduled for right in the middle of me performing an emergency surgery on Veritas. Being as painful as Veritasis to work with at times, having the system reboot in the middle of it would not help matters any. Simply put, I hope that the Master/Admin relationship in individual enterprises can overcome the ability of Admins canceling Master Admin's scripts "just because".

    Having the ability to fully control a machine in which I am charged with servicing is not a request, nor should it have to be, it is a requirment. However, having an option built into Kaseya where Master Admins can lock the script, lock Admins from cancelling Master scripts or locking out specific Admins from this would be a good idea. Contradictory, I know. There are times in which things just need to be done with out regard to lower level vents which may be taking place.

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