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new backup feature - a few questions

  • Trying out the backup feature in the latest version. Came up with a few questions that someone here might be able to answer:

    - What are the required FTP rights on the receiving FTP server? For example, does the server have to allow read along with write rights? Or will only write work? Obvious implication is security.

    - In the menu Backup => Configure => Offsite Replication- "Restrict FTP traffic to only occur between the hours of" setting - Assuming we have dedicated bandwidth for backup, what settings for start/end would not restrict the FTP time at all?

    - Any easy way to stop an offsite replication (FTP) that's in process, besides killing the FTP process on the client, or closing the connection on the server?

    - Do the folder backups do a differential, or will they send the entire set of files every time, no matter what's already on the server?

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  • Would like to add to this list:

    - Any way to schedule *just* an offsite replication, without running another backup? This would be useful when a replication failed and you wanted to restart it without running another volume image.

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  • I was talking to a customer about the backup capability last week, and he brought up that it would be great to be able to store a "baseline" image for sets of his machines - IBM is including functionality like this in their new managed services offering.

    This would assist us in new installs of PCs or if the client wanted a pc back into "day one" condition. I guess being able to choose a full backup to keep for a certain machine would allow for this.

    Also the backup sorely lacks reporting on disk usage - being able to display how much storage space is consumed by the backups both local and remote is a really important thing. We aren't dealing with unlimited resources, especially since we are supposed to be basically backing up someone's entire network (if we sell them on backing up their workstations as well as their servers).

    Sure we can set a low disk space sensor on the machine or the share on a NAS device to tell us that we are running out of space, but that could very well be in the middle of a backup that will fail due to lack of disk space.

    And if we at least had the compressed total file size of the machine or a group of machines we could be sure that we have enough space on the offsite location.

    Also, it would be awesome if we had a way to setup and manage the offsite hosting location, that is integrated into kaseya. As of now, we're either going to use an FTP daemon like cerberus or sell them on a hosting account.

    I realize that the backup stuff has just been released, but I really hope you guys make it a bit more flexible and robust a solution than it is now. I *could* be really good.

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  • The FTP connection only needs write permission (depending on your FTP server security) to upload the files, however even if you wanted to set read permissions this is still not a security implication as it is logging in with a defined user that should be specifically for the Kaseya backups.

    You can choose to replicate images and folders offsite or just the folders, so a plan to limit the amount of diskspace used might be to just replicate the ciritcal data offsite using the folder backup and not move the images offsite, just keep them local. If you choose to replicate the images offsite then it is backing up everything offisite.

    After the initial full backup only the incremental backups will be moved offsite, as this is all that has changed, however as soon as you do a new full backup it will be copied again. Moving whole images offsite is a lot of data, there is not really any way around that. Note that compression is used on the images so they will be a lot smaller than the disk that was backed up.

    The images can be used to build a whole machine again, just take a look at the 'Recovery Media' function in the Backup tab.

    To allow offsite replication anytime, just pick the bottom option from the start list and the top option from the end list. This is not so much to do with commercial implications as bandwidth implications. Offsite replication uses FTP, so it can easily suck up all available bandwidth, it's really recommended to do it out of hours so as not to effect your network connectivity for other users.

    It is next to impossible for the Kaseya system to tell disk sizes on offsite replication, as it is not in contact with the FTP server so cannot retreive this information. Local sizes in each area can be tracked by the use of the disk alert, disk utlization report and the backup report.

    There is not another way to kill the offsite replication once it has started as it's just FTP. Once the command has been issued it's just like any normal FTP session, to stop it you would have to kill it. This is not something we would expect the need for under normal working conditions.

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  • A couple more comments on backup:

    I've had the volume backup fail a couple times. I'm running the pre and post scripts to stop exchange. If the backup fails, the post script to restart the exchange service does not run. This is a definite issue. Yeah the backup failing is an issue that needs to be looked at the next day, but exchange not running will get me phone calls at 6:30am.

    The volume backup splits backup files into transferrable chunks, but the folder backup does not. I've got a 3.8gb folder backup that I seriously doubt anyones connection would actually transfer over one night.

    Also, re: file sizes - i totally agree that its pretty unfeasable for kaseya to report on available space on ftp servers, but it should be totally feasible to calculate file size on the info that we just backed up. Including this in the backup log or backup status would go a long way in helping us make sure that the offsite backup wouldn't run out of space.

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  • ExpertComp


    I'm running the pre and post scripts to stop exchange. If the backup fails, the post script to restart the exchange service does not run.

    // endquote

    We have run into this problem where the user does not have an exchange aware backup program and we see the same thing, the post-script may not run if the job errors...

    Simple solution, we create a AT Schedule job to restart Exchange at something like 5:00 AM. that way Exchange is restarted even if the backup fails/errors.

    This also works for Oracle/SQL....


    Howard Cunningham

    Macro Systems, LL



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  • When I first learned of the backup module, I was hoping the backup would take place through the Kaseya client and upload to the Kaseya Server. This would be awesome. Currently it backs up to disk and then uploads it.

    It seems like the process needs a little work. This type of backup still requires quite a bit of storage on the LAN, instead of offloading it to the Kaseya Server.

    When will there be more updates and improvements? I am curious before I buy it.

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  • Howard,

    good answer - I actually did that earlier today!

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  • More confusion to the backup system. I'm guessing that this backup cannot handle open files, am I correct in assuming this?

    Any plans for filters in the future. It would be nice to backup all doc, xls, ppt, pdf, and so on versus trying to figure out where people accidentally store their core data.

    On the local lan to offsite scenario. It would be nice to be able to bypass the local backup and go straight to offsite. When were talking core data this may only bea couple of minutes each night and for small offices/clients it doesn't make sense to buy more local hardware when some only have 2-3 machines onsite. To be honest this backup system is only for small businesses. We support clients right now with 100's of desktops and Servers I couldn't see this product scaling to support them. For the small office less than 10 this is an ideal product.

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  • I have found that the backup feature rocks. It scales well from 2 person network to a 20 person network . It creates an image which can be parsed. It would be my guess that if you backed up a file like a doc or XLS while open . I bet it would still work .

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  • How do you parse the image? I was under the assumption that the image files are encrypted and an unlock key was needed. Also isn't this after the fact.

    I'm more concerned with open files like pst, ost, and mdb.

    Also what about SQL server or Oracle, do we need to write a separate script to dump the data or is this the reason that the Server license cost more, because SQL backups are an included feature?

    I do like the images for local backups, the ultimate goal is to decrease the amount of downtime and trying to completely restore from offsite would be a nightmare. Has anyone tested the ability to restore just the registry?

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  • Is it possible to use the backup feature to back up the Kaseya server itself?

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  • You would really think that you would be able to do that, but NO you can't.

    We went ahead and bought some licenses of the backup deal since they were discounting it, but it was prett much gambling on them answering some of the issues that have been brought up in this post which I hope they are working on.

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  • I think it's great that Kaseya added backups to the entire management console, but its a big undertaking. There are companies out there writing backup software for 10+ years and still don't have it right.

    With any software project of this magnitude I would say that it will take some time toiron out theissues and align the product with customerdriven features.

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  • Try it for your self . It works pretty good . Uses a already tried and true method Acronis , which kicks serious but!!!!

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