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A Few Questions on 4.5

  • We installed 4.5 and did everything according to the technote posted on this site.

    We copied over the files and restored the database. It said it was successful however none of our machine groups nor agents came over after the restore. I verified the UserProfiles directory copied over correctly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, we base our agents via agent templates. Those didn't transfer as well. Any suggestions on how to migrate them?

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  • This would point to an issue. Do you still have the original server? I think you should try the whole process again. If the old server is ok, then it must be the new server.

    Do a fresh 'backup now' inside the System->Config page in the old server, and make sure you get the latest file off the old server.

    Reinstall the new server, and try importing the DB backup file again. If you still have an issue wou will need to contact support on support@kaseya.com

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