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Terminal Services Options

  • I would like to see an 'Options' section for Terminal Services similar to what is displayed for VNC and RAdmin on the 'HelpDeskTab/mainHelpDesk.asp' page.

    Specifically, I would like to be able to control the screen resolution parameters, be able to access the remote clipboard (and other resources). It would be REALLY nice if I could also access my client drives on 2003 as is currently possible with a non-Kaseya Terminal Services login.

    It would also be very nice to have an on-the-fly way of choosing which remote control method to use for a single session. In the case of Terminal Services we would also like to be able to connect using the /CONSOLE option in some cases.



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  • This is a good suggestion. If you are a Kaseya customer then can I suggest that you send an email to support@kaseya.com with the words FEATURE IDEA in the subject heading? This will then get the idea added to our features list for consideration on future releases.

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