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Email notification not working

  • Email notifications come from the SMTP service installed as a part of IIS, and not from Kaseya. Firstly, you will need to make sure that you have the SMTP part of IIS installed. You can check this in the add/remove windows components section of add/remove programs on the Kaseya server.

    Enable the SMTP logging. Control Panel -> admin tools -> internet Services manager -> right click on Default SMTP service, and select properties. Under the logging section, enable Microsoft IIS Extended Logging. On Windows 2000 you will need to restart the IIS Admin Service before logging begins.

    SMTP uses local DNS resolution to send emails, so try sending a test mail to an external account (e.g. hotmail, gmail). If that works, and it is only local email you are not receiving then use this guide: http://www.kaseya.com/kforum/view_topic.php?id=33&forum_id=13

    If SMTP in IIS is installed and running , but you can't send emails at all (to either internal or external addresses), then you can manually test your SMTP install by doing the following from a command line on the Kaseya server, replacing the info in the with your relevant info:

    TELNET 25



    RCPT TO:


    your text blah blah blah test 1 blah blah blah

    (use a single full stop on a new line to end data entry, this will send the message)


    If you still do not receive an email after this, your SMTP installation is not functioning. Check that you have proper DNS resolution, and reinstall the SMTP server.

    Once this mail has been sent, check the SMTP log file c: \windows\system32\logfiles\SMTPSVC. You can check for errors.

    You can also check c:inetpubmailroot and sub-directories. Check for .BDR files and .BAD files. These are messages that could not be delivered, and the BAD files will contain readable error messages.

    For further information try doing a search on SMTP in the forum. If all else fails see how to reinstall SMTP: http://www.kaseya.com/kforum/view_topic.php?id=199&forum_id=11

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  • If you check the bottom of the system requirements list, you will see that Kaseya does not support installing with Exchange.


    If your exchange is on a seperate box, then there is an article here explaining how to set it up:


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  • Just wanted to point out here that if you are using MS Small Business Server 2003 to accept your company's e-mail, and if you want the Kaseya ticketing system to read incoming mail (e.g. to support@yourcompany.com or help@yourcompany.com), you must set the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service to automatic. It is disabled by default. This messed me up for a while.:?

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