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Kserver service down every other Thursday morning

  • For a while now, around 3 or 4am I get an alert that the KServer stopped. It's always the same issue - the KServer service is in the Stopping state. The only way to fix is to reboot the server. At first I thought it was an automatic update, but they are disabled. I also thought the server was setup in Patch Management, but it's not set to do any update scans or patches. Anyone know what could be causing this?

  • We also had this problem before, but it went away as we turned automatic updates off in windows.

    We think the problem occured when the SQL server rebooted after installing patches, and the KServer process couldn't manage to restart when loosing the connection to the SQL server. It then hung up in a 'stopping' state on the service.

    I don't think you need to reboot the server to solve the issue. I use to kill the KServer.exe-process in task manager. Than the 'Kaseya Service' releases from the hung up 'stopping' state. Either it will restart by itself, or you might have to start the service manually.