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Server Infrastructure - Hardware requirments and SQL versions

  • Hi all,

    Couple of quick questions.

    We are running K2 on split servers in a VM environment - SQL box has 10GB ram and 4 x Virtual CPU and front end 2 x CPU and 4 GB Ram.

    They are setup using shared storage with a dedicated 2 x 300GB SAS disk mirror over 4GB Fibre.

    We currently have 2500 agents and may be looking to move to 5000 quickly so question time

    1. Would I get better performance from SQL 2008 over SQL 2005 (we are using 64bit obviously and SQL has 8.5 GB ram applied to it)

    2. If we increase our agent count to this level do you think we would require physical tin for both boxes / 1 box / 0 boxes (stay in vm world)

    I can up the RAM to 16 if needs be on the SQL box but can do nothing with the disk end of things.

    Thoughts on a postcard please.


  • We are also running K2 on a split environment, with close to 2100 agents. Our resource allocation is a bit more hefty than what yours is listed. We have a clustered environment that about 20 servers run on.

    We do use SQL 2008. I believe you would have a performance increase but I am no expert on SQL so someone else please give your thoughts.

    As for requiring a physical box, I say no quite strongly. Virtual environments are supported by kaseya, although if you read their documentation they reccomend a 25% in crease on CPU/RAM to compensate. We currently have a 19gb database, and 24gb of RAM allocated to our SQL server. The entire database can run in RAM.