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Product Announcement Schedule - Sent using our KServer and our internal email addresses????

  • I just received the following message from our own Kaseya server using the email address specified in our ticketing email reader. 

    The subject was:  Product Announcement Schedule

    The body was: 

    We have an important message regarding the Kaseya Product Roadmap Announcement Schedule. Please click on the following link to view the entire message. Customer Communication Warm Regards, Gerald Blackie

    Whilst I understand that this is valuable information, I do think it is poor form for Kaseya to push emails out to it's customer base via our internal email addresses.

    I did receive the same message sent from kaseyanews@kaseya.com and I was happy with receiving via this method.

  • Don't see it as to big a deal, it's the message that's appeared in your Inbox in the Info Centre that's been forwarded on to you.

    What I do find curious is that I have Automatic checking of updates switched off and yet still my servers somehow received a message overnight from the Kaseya 'master' server.  Makes you wonder what else can be done overnight without your knowledge.  I'm not naive and know that this can be done but it makes you wonder.

  • Automatic updates scheduling helps you control when changes to the software occur, however there is still a random heartbeat that checks in for licensing and now also for messaging.  

    We had noticed that many customers weren't receiving important product announcements and details when we emailed through our CRM.  We were announcing things and customers were frustrated that they weren't hearing about it from us.   This was for a number of reasons mostly tied to contact information changing, filters, or personnel changes.  In our efforts to provide world class communication, with you, our customers we implemented this new messaging through kservers.

    I hope this provides clarity.

  • Brendan,

    Do you know if the 6.1 update is still on track to be released today?

  • Nov 30 is the announcement date.  I got a little confused too... in fact I just freaked out a Product Manager. When I asked him if 6.1 was ready for release tomorrow.  

    I will know more about release dates on Wednesday.

  • Ohh right, fair enough!  Thanks for checking it up!

  • Any news?

  • Same question here. I have checked the downloads section as well as the blog and no go.

  • I recieved the same message in my inbox as well. The problem is that it generated 100+ tickets in my ticketing system and my mailbox was full the morning after. I also find it a little scary that my system somehow reported my "support" email back to kaseya USA and used it in commercial purposes.

    Does anyone know how to prevent this in the future?



  • This exact same thing happened to us yesterday and it brought our system to its knees.  The product announcement came into our service desk, the service desk sent a reply back and a giant loop was started hogging all sorts of resources and locking my staff out of the VSA.  It was fixed late last night but we lost an entire day of productivity.

  • Still no update on the 6.1 release on the Roadmap links.

  • There's been a PDF added to the link for the 6.1 update.


    24 Jan 2011 release for 6.1!

  • Well, that is disappointing. I also noticed no chrome support. I thought that was the highlight of of 6.1.