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  • We removed the latest 2 Windows 2012R2 patches and the issue is gone

  • Support had me remove in particular (KB4516061), which seems to have resolved the issue for me as well

  • Do you have the specific KB numbers to share?

  • Sent them to Cesar previously as well -- KB4522007 and KB4516064 were removed

  • Is there any update to this issue yet?

    I upgrade to 9.5.23 last night but still have Windows Updates to re-apply after removing them 2 weeks ago.

    I didn't want to do both at the same time again this time around so we could see if 9.5.23 would be stable without the windows updates.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Please create a support ticket if you have any issues.  From what we have learned is Microsoft made some corrections on the patches which caused these issues and the issues have not been experienced since then.

  • Did a fix get found and will it be in the next patch?


  • After we removed the original releases of KB4522007 and KB4516064 the problem went away and hasn't recurred.  If you have tried that and errors continue, you should open a ticket

  • Upgrading to seems to have fixed the issue for me.