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VSA 9.4 - SQL Constant High CPU

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Hey guys,

I've installed VSA into HyperV VM with the following spec

  • Windows Server 2016
  • SQL Server Express 2016
  • 8GB RAM
  • 60GB HDD

I find the SQL to be constantly consuming 25-50% CPU. Is this normal?

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  • Hi, same happens in AWS with Kaseya patch 15 on windows server 2012 r2 standard with sqlexpress 15.2 ram and 120 gigabyte disk. Reaches cpu consumption of 50 to 75% constant.
  • Depends on a lot of things - how many agents, how many audits, agent procedures, monitor sets etc. are running, how big your SQL database is, your server respources (cpu cores, disk system etc.).

    We run between 300 and 400 agents on 4 cpu cores, 10Gb ram, SAS disks and have a 30Gb SQL database; long term SQL cpu load is <1%.

    visit http://<yourvsa>/SystemTab/vsaDisplayStats.aspand review the performance stats to identify where the load is coming from.

    usually, you'll find your server is under-spec'd for the workload. ...that's my first guess in your case.

  • This is a fresh install so there are no agents. I'll try looking at that URL.

  • I notice after a patch or restart of the system CPU related to SQL is generally high for awhile but then settles back down.

  • Won't go into server specs but 9.4 does seem to run a little bit higher on load time after a reboot with the same amount resources on it's ESXi host but seems to settle down after a bit. After it seems to run like 9.3.