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Lan Discovery & Machine Groups affected by IP scheme change

  • I'm preparing for a move to a new location. My Kaseya server is identified by an IP address, however the Lan Discovery setup and the Machine groups are all tied to IP's. As part of this move we are changing our IP scheme for just this office. We have six (6) regional offices that will not be effected by the scheme change.

    I do not anticipate any issues with my regions but figure I need to recreate any resource I currently have in Kaseya that is tied to the old IIP scheme. Anyone out there ever do this and would it just be easier to start fresh?

    If you could give me some insight I'd love it!

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  • 1. Use DNS to linking/referenceto other systems.IP addresses only should be used forsimple very small test environments.

    2. If you used an IP address, refer back to rule #1.

    Start your move to DNS now and avoid this issue in the future again.

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  • Thanks for the post. Although I don't see the connection between DNS, lan discovery and machine groups. Lan Discovery is based on IP's not DNS as are the machine groups. More specifically the machine groups are setup by using a scope of IP's or a Connection Gateway.

    I'm thinking I'll need to create a separate machine group with ties to the new IP scheme. Move the machines to the new group, delete the old. As for the Lan Discovery piece I'll just disable it for now and tackle it after the move.

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  • All of the agents are always initiating connections outbound so it never matters what IP the agents are on. The only IP that matters is the address of your KServer. All the agents need to connect to the KServer in order to do anything. That is why connectex (and Kaseya)recommended using a DNS entry for your KServer so you won't ever have to deal with an IP address changes.

    But if that is not an option in you setup, be sure to go to the Check-in Control function under the Agent tab and configure all your agents with a Secondary KServer address pointing to the new IP address of the server. This way all your agents will get seeded with the new address well in advance of the KServer move. Then, once you have moved your KServer to the new address, enter your KServer's new IP address in the Configure function (System Tab) andset the Primary KServer address to the new IP address for all your agents. Following these steps lets you complete the move without touching any agents at all. The only exception will be agents that are not online between the time you first set the Secondary address and the time you actually move to the new IP.

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  • Cool. I have already revised how the server is configured. I reidentified it a while ago to use it's name not IP. Your other comments have been noted.


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