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LAN Watch executes network scan, however Install Agents is blank

  • I have an issue with one site where LAN Watch has been configured to scan a network subnet for machines prior to using the Install Agents function. Even after 24 hours the Install Agents section does not show the Agent that is being used to run LAN Watch.

    Further investigation of the Machine acting as the LAN Watch server shows that:
    1. Scripts seem to be executing properly (Checking Agent logs)
    2. C:TempLAN_stat.xml file exists on the remote system
    3. telnet to TCP/5721 from the remote network is fine
    4. All other customers connected to this server are fine and the customer network does not seem anomalous.

    Re point 2 above - it seems that the remote agent performs the LAN scan successfully as it does populate the LAN_stat.xml file, however the information is not reported back to the KServer.

    [update 5/4/07] I have learned that the \Kaseya\UserProfiles\@lanscan directory does contain updated information from the LAN_stat.xml files created by LAN Watch on the remote agents, so the data is being transmitted back to the Kserver.

    Has anybody had this issue before or know how to troubleshoot / resolve it.


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  • For anyone interested in fixing this issue, if you are experiencing it - the rather simple fix is as follows:

    Download the latest version of psexec.exe from here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/psexec.mspx

    extract and copy only the psexec.exe file to your \kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSASharedFiles\ directory.

    You may wish to rename the existing psexec.exe to psexec.old or something before copying in the new one.

    In my case, the existing version was 1.72.00. The new version (latest at the time of this post) is 1.82.00.

    Thankyou Martin from Kaseya Support for steering me in the right direction resolving this.

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  • Does Kaseya plan to integrate the latest version automatically rather than make all of us update the file manually?

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