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Off-site replication design question

  • Hello,

    We are starting to implement off-line backups to our customers, however, we are wondering what others are doing in the case of full vs incrementals. First off, I believe that the backup does incrementals, not differentials so correct me if I'm wrong.

    But my question is this, the default is to do a full backup every 7 days, and an incremental nightly. If I have a customer that has 50gigs of backup data, I can't have them back that up fully every week as it would never get backed up in time off site.

    How are others tackling this situation? Right now, when we start, we backup the data to a small portable NAS, bring it back to our office, and manually copy it. Then we offsite the incrementals via FTP/Kaseya. What I'm afraid of is one full, and a multitude of incrementals that we would have to deal with.

    Gary Griffin, Nucentric Solutions

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  • Gary,

    There comes a point to were off-site Internet based backup is not the best solution. Course this depends on many factors but generally if your client has more that 2Gig of data and a weekly data rate of change of 1Gig then Internet based backups dont make since unless they have something like a DS3 or such at there location. Other than how your doing it already you can implement a tape based backup scenario and handle the tapes off site for your clients.

    How we handle it is we do not use the volume based of folder based backup if the data is over 2Gig. We do use volume based for clients who want an off site image of there server. We do this by every 6 months (or more frequent depending on client) performing a full backup to a USB drive and taking the USB off site and keeping it in a secure location.

    God Bless,


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  • The old problem with tape incrementals is the time involved with restores and the probablility of one of the tapes failing and ruining the entire backup. The acronis based solution eliminates the time of restore factor completely as it uses it's own internal logic to render the final restore instead of loading the incremental files one by one as a tape device would do.

    With a copy of the files on the local NAS and another at the offsite location, I think it's feasible to go 3 months with just incrementals and not increase your risk significantly. A standard office DSL connection with 768 up can upload probably 3 GB/night which, at least in my case so far, is more than enough to handle the daily incremental backups.

    When I know I am going to the remote location, which for sure is at least once every 3 months, I usually take that opportunity to save my offsite backup copy to another folder, perform a full backup on the server, then bring a USB drive with me the next day and copy the image manually to restart the process. My only real problem with this method versus tape backups is the complexity of trying to create an easy to maintain plan for long term data storage for archival purposes.

    I have not had a problem yet with corrupt images, and I push these images once a week to a replica server to verify they are valid. I think in the next Kaseya release there will access to the TrueImage option to verify the backup image, which should boost confidence a bit. With this in place you cold probably go all year long on incrementals with minimal risk if you had the storage space.

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