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Event Log - Description Filter wildcard?

  • We're trying to filter an event log. When we enter anything into the "Description Filter" field of the Event Log Set, Kaseya seems to filter out the entire event log. We've tried asterisk (*) as the wildcard without success. Can't find any documentation on configuring event log sets. Before I go to Kaseya support, can anyone help here? Thanks in advance.

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  • Well, if you were trying to find the words "Virus Found" in the description section, then you put *Virus Found* into the description field box. The rule is inclusive, so if you put event id 1, and *Virus Found* in the description, it will only find log entries that match both, i.e. Event ID 1, and containing the text "Virus Found". If you are still having a problem, please send the details and a screen shot of the filter to support@kaseya.com

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  • Below is a message from support:

    Author: rhendrix Date: 5:00:51 pm 5-Oct-05

    Hi Jon, I was able to reproduce the same behavior here. Filtering via Desciption fails for me too. I am going to escalate a bug report to our development team. Just to confirm, what feature where you using when filtering? Where you generating a report?

    Kind regards, Rob

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