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Install Files Option in Kaseya

  • Jim,

    Is there any way to push out a ghost image of a hard drive over a network?

    I.E. One client has 97 PCs that they need a ghost image pushed to, they don't want to purchase Symantec Ghost, will the kaseya install file module do that.

    Dan Eagan

    Acropolis Technology Group

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  • Hi Dan:

    I need a little more detail. Do the machines have an agent? If not, you need an agent on the machines before you can push anything to it.

    The second question. Is the image an .exe file? If so, yes you can push it out and execute it. Can be run silently? If not, the user is going to see dialogs.

    You can also use our Packager to create installation packages. For example, you need to configure 97 machines with a set of applications. Create the package using one machine then use a script to distribute the package.

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