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  • Is Https nessasary to run Kaseya? Are the pages secure without running certificates for https?

    How do you configure your firewall and Kaseya server for https?

    What if you are running on 2000/XP Pro?

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  • On my Small business server 2003 box . I run a ssl or https page. The port on the firewall to forward would be 443 by standered. I believe that getting Kaseya to working under ssl or https woudl be a function of IIS. It woul be nice to see some instructions on how to accomplish doing this.

    Theorically , if you putting your password into a website that is not SSL'ed you are at risk or "open" to a certian degree. But , I am cetainly no expert on hacking people using http .

    PS-I did forget to mention that suring the setup of teh sbs box it sets up a certificate. But I am not sure weather my SSL pages are a result of that certificate or not.

    My 2 cents

    Sean Goss

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  • Please look here:


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  • SSL in IIS - A quick tip

    Although not directly related to Kaseya, setting up SSLin IIS is very easy.

    The only thing you really need to enable SSL in IIS is a certificate. Using this approach, to make life easy set up your Kaseya server to use the DNS of your company. e.g. if you are abc.com, set up your Kaseya server on kaseya.abc.com. If not, you will need to set up your own certification, and this is a long drawn out process (not covered here).

    Buy a certificate from a certificate vendor (Verisign or Thwarte etc) for your address abc.com. Put this on your Certificate Server (For Windows generally a Domain Controller with Certificate Services installed)and produce a child certificate for kaseya.abc.com (or whatever you server address is).

    Go into the properties for IIS and enable SSL, pop in the certificate, and you're ready to go!

    Follow the instructions in the linkbelow for detail on how to set up IIS to use SSL.


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