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  • I can change the top frame to display our logo and colors while logged in, but not at the logon page. Where do I go for this option?

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  • Scott:

    The first option under customize, 'Customize the Header on theLogon Page'. Use the:


    as a template and create your own. Replace the image with your logo image.

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  • To customise Kaseya you can now use the Customize function, this is found under the System Tab. The 'Customise Graphical User Interface' is used to change the 'inside' of the product once you have logged in, but also has a section to customise the Agent Icon right at the bottom of the page.

    To change the 'external' pages, i.e. logon page, use the top option in this function 'Customize the header on the logon page'. This allows you to put in a new header page, that you can base on the old header page, the location of which is displayed by default.

    The best idea is to go to the server web pages and take a copy of this file and rename it, so you can point at the new file and still keep the old file.

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