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AuthAnvil Two Factor Authentication for the VSA

  • Hello,

    is anybody actually using AuthAnvil Two Factor Authentication for the login to the VSA 8?

    We had to disable 2FA since the Patch has been released. 
    The Kaseya Support hasn't been able to fix 2FA until now. 

    Is anybody else using the 2FA Module for the VSA? How are your experiences?

    Best Regards 


  • I can;t speak for V8 yet. But in V7 it is broken as well. We got a regular response from support - broken, aware, when will be fixed is a mystery.

  • I think this issue has been fixed.

    Please log a ticket with support and reference an existing similar ticket#45957, which was resolved recently.

    I wanted to copy paste the resolution from that ticket but I am not sure if the support needs to work closely with you to ensure that you do not mess up else where or if your situation involves some other factors as well.

    Hope this helps.