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  • I am looking to find out whether the Datto Kaseya add-on is in use and worthwhile? I think it came out September 28 but I have not had a chance to look at it. I asked my kaseya rep about it and it was the first he heard of it. He was thinking it was implemented via the storagecraft module, but this is an add-on that connect Kaseya to the Datto portal.

    Anyone using it?

  • From their press release:

    Datto's Kaseya Integration is Live!

    On Wednesday, September 26th, the Datto Integration Team launched our integration API with Kaseya's IT Management platform.

    Top features of the integration include:

     ■ Manage alerts for individual devices

     ■ Manage alerts for individual agents

     ■ Monitor the amount of space available on the device and the amount stored off-site

     ■ Monitor the last backup of all the protected systems for each Datto

     ■ One-click access to Remote Web for every device in the field

    For more information on the Kaseya integration and how to install the Datto Add-on Module, head to the Datto API Tab of the Partner Portal.

  • Hi

    Do you know what is Datto event id for doing backup by success or failure?


  • Hi

    This is the picture of my Eventviewer in one of my server which Datto does its backup. I just want to know about the meaning of EventId = 1 with Source "DattoBackupAgentService". Does it mean success or failure of backup or it doesn't mean any backup?



  • We used the Datto integration. To be honest its a waste of time and was uninstalled almost as quick as it was installed.

    Instead we use a combo of the having configured the Datto partner portal with ConnectWise integration for alerts, alarms and sales opps, snmp and Event Monitoring. Since its using ShadowCopy one of the monitors is event id 2006

    There is also a bunch of articles on their KB: kb.datto.com/.../115005121086-Windows-Event-Log-Entries-to-Safely-Ignore