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ConnectWise Email Connector Integration

  • Is anyone using the ConnectWise Email Connector for integration with Kaseya?  If so i'm just wondering how you have configured it to work with the Kaseya email alert for multiple servers at once.

    In ConnectWise our email connector has the email parsing rule of "/{DeviceConfigurationName}/" and it setup to integrate with Kaseya and get servers and machines for each company and add them to the configuration tab.

    This works fine when we receive alerts for single devices as the email templates in Kaseya are set to "/<id>/ is offline" and "/<id>/ is online" and the alerts get logged for the correct company.

    However, the email alert when multiple agents in the same group go offline is set to "/<ml>/ <mc> machines in group <gr> went offline" in Kaseya so results in the email subject of "/ server1.group server2.group / 2 machines in group group went offline. " server1.group server2.group " is not in the configuration tab for the company in ConnectWise so it goes to the default company that is set in the email connector settings.

    Is there any way that I can change the email alert template in Kaseya so that the email subject would be "/server1.group/ /server2.group/ went offline" so that the servers are recognised by the email connector and the tickets are then logged against the correct company in ConnectWise?

  • Because there is no way to change the way the emails get sent out it won't work. Sorry I love love to do this myself also. It would be next to submit a feature request that allows you to choose whether to group offline agents to send single alerts only.

  • Can anyone think of any other way to overcome the issue until Kaseya implement the enhancement?


    IN our case, I have the Kaseya email format set to simply "<ml> <mc> machines when offline at <gr>"  Then I have the Connectwise parsing set to be {DeviceConfigurationName} {problem} and it ends up picking up the first machine name as the configurationname and the rest of the email subject as the "problem", and creates the ticket associated with the first machine name and therefore the correct company.

    [edited by: Jonathan at 10:47 AM (GMT -7) on 3-25-2011] Since it finally posted, I edited to have it say what I was trying to post the first three times.
  • I am looking into this as well.  I believe there is some sort of add on that CW provides to hook into Kaseya, I've been scared to load it, as i'm afraid what it will do to my service board.

  • To the best of my knowledge the CW provided Kaseya integration only imports machine configurations, and some data for the executive summary reports, and doesn't do anything with the actual services boards or tickets, that is all done via email connectors and email alerts from Kaseya.  They do have some additional documentation on having the ticketing link in Kaseya link directly to the Connectwise ticket creation through the connectwise web interface, but no automated ticketing between the two AFAIK.

  • I have tried a few times to get the mysterious 'ticket' link working but i suspect it only works with the old v5.x version of Kaseya.

    The new version doesn't seem to read the XML which is imported into the HTML page of kaseya so the button never appears in the kaseya pages. Perhaps it's something to do with the change-over to using Live Connect?

  • Hi all;

    Does anyone know if this has ever been changed/enhanced to allow single email alerting? We're still using the email connector ourselves and have this same issue with CW.