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SEPM 12.1.1 upgraded to 12.1.2, but module still sees 12.1.1

  • As per subject - I have successfully upgraded a SEPM server from 12.1.1 to 12.1.2 (Help-about in SEPM shows version 12.1.2 as its version number), but the Kaseya SEP module still reports Server version 12.1.1 detected. I have removed and re-marked the SEPM server as a server, waited a few hours for the update scripts to run, but no improvement. K-SEP still reports the SEPM server as version 12.1.1101.401, which is clearly is not.

    I need 12.1.2 to be recognised so I can configure the web services.

    I see that operations - clients has a 'refresh endpoint info' button - but operations - servers does not?

    Just about all the functions in the K module require web services to be configured....which I can't do until the module decides to recognise that the SEPM server is now 12.1.2 and thus supports web services. Grrrrrr....

  • You are seeing the version of the SEP client on the server. Once you upgrade the server to 12.1.2 you then need to upgrade the SEP client on the server and it will then show as version 12.1.2015.2015

  • So, you're saying that the version number reported by Operations - Servers - *SERVER SOFTWARE VERSION* column is really the SEP client version? That sounds like a giant bug to me.

    Frankly, I would have thought symantec would know how to tell the difference between the SEP client version number, and the SEPM server version number. Also, why would the SEP client version affect the ability to enable web services on the SEPM Server?

  • The web services within SEPM are enabled using the batch file on the SEP tools download. Run the batch file to enable the web services see the symantec web help

    www.symantec.com/.../HOWTO81149 It the Kaseya Module it is looking at the SEP Client not the SEPM. On my server Web services for remote management was already enabled. When you click o the server the Configure WEB services should be available you cn then click through the instructions.

  • Hi,

    I am Chetan Savade from Symantec Technical Support team.

    You have upgraded the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) not the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients.

    After SEPM upgrade you should upgrade the SEP clients as well.

    You can use auto upgrade method to upgrade existing SEP clients.

    Article: Upgrading clients by using AutoUpgrade

    URL: www.symantec.com/.../TECH96789

    Forum Article: www-secure.symantec.com/.../sepm-121-auto-upgrade

    Note: You need to assign packages to sub groups as well.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chetan Savade

    Technical Support Engineer

    End Point Security

    Enterprise Technical Support


  • I have not seen this anounced by anyone at Kaseya or Symantec but the final version 2 release is available at the following link. this is version of  the plug in. It is listed as working with version 6.0 or greater of Kaseya so I presume that means it works on 6.3, but I cannot confirm this as I do not have version 6.3 and like most people we will see it some time next year..

  • Sorry this is the link www.symantec.com/.../TECH197177

  • In the end, the K SEP module recognized the new SEPM server version all by itself, and without updating the SEP client on the same machine. It just took it 12 hours to do so.

    I have another question but I'll ask it in a separate thread....

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the update.


    Chetan Savade