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Performance on Newer Pages is Terrible

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I have a ticket open with Kaseya but I wanted to ask you as well since maybe you have some ideas....

We are on K2, Svr 2008, SQL Express, 100 agents.

Hardware is VM with 2 processores, 8GB RAM and RAID 5 local disk array.  Usages on CPU and RAM is no more than 20% of available.  

We are seeing page refresh times up to 30 seconds in Procedures and Security for example, making both almost unusable.  It is has been this way for both of these for a few months since we upgraded to K2 and instaslled in a new VM with 2008. 

Have any ideas?

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  • Tell me more about the array... is it SATA drives, or SAS drives? What are the # (how many are in it) and speed of the drives?

  • Good thoughts David.  Also, there may be some tidbits in this server tuning doc.  You'll have to look past some of the SQL stuff, because I don't think it goes over SQL Express.  There still might be some good stuff in there though.


  • Three 300GB - SAS 10k - RAID 5

    I also found a performance doc i am looking through. I will check on the doc you created too.  

  • Another question... which Virtual Server software are you using? Hyper-V or VMware?

  • VMWare ESX 3.5

  • I went through the general performance doc and the only thing that I found without a deep dive into each was the suggestion to enable IIS compression.  I turned that on.  

  • Hummm.... I would say that for 100u, you should probably have good performance. Monitor the avg disk queue length and see if it hops above 2 frequently. If so, then I'd probably point the finger at that. Your performace probably would be better if you have more disks in the set, as well as use 15K drives.

    Also, I have seen others who had slowness issues with upgrading from K5 to K2. I chose to do a fresh install of K2 and not do an upgrade. I never ran into the slowness issues that others reported.

  • I will monitor the disk queue.  I believe I already did some check and it is fine.  

    Our K2 install was a fresh install.

  • OK... if its a fresh install, then your issues do not make sense. I recently had a test server running on a Hyper-V server that I know wasn't optimized (I only had 150 agents using it for testing purposes) and it ran pretty quick. And I know VMware should be at least as optimal (and probably more optimal) than Hyper-V.

  • We had/have a similar problem on our K2 installation.

    We went with new hardware, fresh K2 installation and added the KSD module.  Our application server uses dual-port SAS 10k drives and SQL uses dual-port SAS 15k drives; both Windows Server 2003.  CPU, RAM and bandwidth rarely exceed typical low levels but the new pages (especially KSD) load incredibly slowly, more so for WAN connected users.  We had a custom interface built for the service desk because users responded so poorly to the slow load times of the new service desk ticketing.

    I can tell you we've seen small performance increases since upgrading to 6.0.1 but not enough to toss the "lite" agent portal and go back to live connect.

  • Thanks for the post.  I am upgrading as I type to 6.0.1.  Maybe there will be some improvement.

    I called my sales rep and told him about the issues.  Now that I think about it, I think it has been this way since the upgrade a few months ago but we just have not done alot with KES and Procedures and when we did, it was minor work and we just dealt with it.  Now I have another person on staff and we are trying to catch up and we are getting back into those modules and find they are virtually unusable.  

  • I posted a similar thread to another area. I am having the same issues and I have a very small number of agents with a seperate SQL and KServer. My system is virtualized but the hosts both have Dual Quad-Core i7 processors and the CPU is never taxed on either host . I have tried additional CPU's and more memory but not much luck improving performance.

  • Is this happening during a connection session? Or is everything slow. When we connected to a computer our refresh rates were 3 minutes in some cases.

    So we wrote  a script to launch the Real VNC Mirror driver on the client PC and now we connect in seconds and refresh to those machines quickly

    I did an execute shell command and wrote this "%programfiles%\realvnc\vnc4\vnc-mirror-1_8_0-x86_x64_win32.exe" /silent

    Leave every thing the way it is if you use it.

  • Thank you for taking the time to provide that tip but I was referring too the performance of the web interface itself. For example Agent Procedures takes awhile to load the drop down list of scripts. Service Desk is very slow to refresh the right side of the screen. When first logging in I often get thrown back to the last page I was on during my last session (although I have no found where to turn this off), after clicking a different function in the left hand navigation pane.

  • A couple of things...

    Make sure you are on K2 V6.0.1 or higher. there were some pretty good performance enhancements done with this version (and next week V6.1 should be coming out with even more performance boost).

    Try using google chrome or firefox (google chrome seems to work the best). My techs have found Chrome to run those things much faster than IE. And in 6.1 Live Connect works with Chrome fine.

    If you haven't done so already, submit a helpdesk ticket about your performance issues and keep on their asses about it. If you feel you are getting nowhere, please update this post with details of your support ticket.