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IT Service Delivery Kit Discussion

  • Hey guys,

    What have you found most useful about the IT Service Delivery Kit?

    I think the tailored Executive Summary report is pretty neat.. but I must not be noticing other great parts about it. What did you find cool?




  • Aabbasi,

    There are many things within the IT Service Delivery Kit:

    • Machine Views - these are pre-populated with OS specific, hardware specific, and other misc views to better help you find the machines you are looking for
    • Agent Procedures section: this module has various procedures that have been built to help you start your management automation processes.  They are pretty cool - Weekly Workstation Maintenance is one of my favorites
    • Monitoring: within monitoring are a slew of pre-built event log monitoring sets that very powerful.  If you can't find these, be sure to give Customer Service a quick call or create a ticket inside IT Center [Kaseya Portal menu] and they will assist

    I hope you find these helpful.  The great thing about the Kit is that we plan on adding functionality so be looking for it.