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AVG Recommended Product Upgrade Message !!!!

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Is anyone else having an issue with AVG prompting endpoints to upgrade?  To the best of my knowledge this message has been displayed on all endpoints. The install is also prompting to install a tollbar that will change the default search provider.  Is it possible to disable this as soon as possible?  We have been getting flooded with calls from customers asking about this.  I have opened a Kaseya support ticket.  Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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  • I am getting them as well.  Not on every endpoint (yet) but they are happening.  

    I am also going to open a ticket with Kaseya.

    Sean C

  • I contacted AVG last night about this and they are working on it.  I'm really sorry about this...To me, this is a super high priority issue.

    AVG has been a little distracted at the moment due to a crash in AVG 2011 with the last updates released last night.


  • Thanks for the update.  I also came across this article stating that some Windows 7 64 bit machines have had problems booting after the latest AVG update.  It may prove useful to anyone who has seen that particular issue:


    I am not sure if it is related, but I have had reports that several machines are having trouble opening the MSN home page when opening IE.  A few folks have reported that AVG displayed an error that it was blocked because of malicious code and some have just gotten a timeout error.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


  • Jeff,

    It would have been great to know about this last night when you also knew about it. I've been receiving all types of “customer only” quasi junk mail from Kaseya…. That would be a great platform to see this information in an email rather than getting reports of the message and having to track down what is going on.

  • I have had the following issue reported about a dozen times on machines that received the latest update to AVG, but did not install the toolbar.  Has anyone else seen this?  The solution we have found is to re-install AVG.  Has anyone found a quicker solution?

    Below is the description of the issue from a co-worker:

    If you run into people having IE crash upon doing a search from Google, Bing etc., it is likely to be the AVG Safe Search add-in causing the problem.   I ran into this on a few computers and had to uninstall and re-install AVG before issue was resolved.  Disabling the Safe Search Add-In also made the issue stop also as a workaround before I re-installed.


  • question to all - Has anyone had any issues caused by this (other than an anoying popup we do not want!)?

  • In addition to the safe search issue mentioned above, the biggest problem is that this issue was so visible to end users.  We have had to put significant time and effort in to working with clients as a result.  

    We have been flooded with support calls. We have spent time and resources communicating the issue to clients, answering phone calls from clients about the pop up and working with clients to disable the toolbar and correct search defaults.

    Because the issue was so visible, we have been getting a lot of calls starting with "Ever since you ran that AVG upgrade on my computer..." Whether the issues reported are truly related to this update or not, they understandably appear to be to the less technical user.  We have had to spend time not only fixing issues, but proving that they weren't caused by AVG.  We have some clients that are quite upset.

    I am personally astounded that any update of corporate "Network Edition" product would would even have the possibility of installing a browser toolbar and changing search defaults.

  • I ahve been seeing this on some servers and I agree the uneeded interaction is uncalled for in terms of having to reach and rectify this. Why can't this just auto update also as do the definitions?

  • avgtoolbarremoverx.zip

    AVG have provided a tool to silently remove the toolbar from any computer where the user installed as a result of the pop-up message. I have attached the tool along with a simple Kaseya agent procedure to write to the working directory and execute it. To use it, do the following: -


    1) extract the 2 files from the attached zip

    2) go to Agent Procedures > Schedule/Create and click the Managed Files button - upload "avgtoolbarremoverx.exe" to the shared area

    3) click Import Folder/Procedure and select the "Procedure_AVG_toolbar_remover.xml" file to create the procedure

    4) run the procedure on any machines where the toolbar may have been installed - no user interaction is required


    Dominic Walsh

    Senior Support Engineer - Kaseya

  • The other problem I am seeing on Windows 7 is the user being confused by a Windows message saying that an application needs their attention but cannot display anything (something to do with Windows Interactive Services).  Thanks for the Tool Bar Remover.

  • I received this message on one of the computers in our office this morning.  I am very concerned about this.  Has anyone else seen this happen again?

  • I'm having end users call in with this today.  Is there no answer from Kaseya as to why this is happening?

  • I am getting reports about this from customers as well now.  This is very frustrating!

  • Unfortunately it seems the offer was activated again for about 40 mins today.

    The removal tool I posted previously can be used on any computers where the tool-bar was installed.

    AVG are investigating how this leaked out again and what needs to do to prevent it happening again.

    Apologies for the further disruption.


    Dominic (Kaseya Support)

  • I am having the same issues.  I started disabling the Safe Search add-in on each machine, but now I am reinstalling all machines without the add-on to save time.  I am unable to find much info on this problem.  Has anyone seen a fix?