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Thinking of jumping ship - to Labtech. Any Labtech users that switched to K that can offer feedback?

  • Anybody using Kaseya that came from Labtech?  I'd love to hear any feedback of how the 2 products compare?

    I am in the early stage of evaluating Labtech's product.  The webinar I attended was so impressive.  It's like K on steroids as best I could tell.  Granted, I never updated from K5 to K2 (or do they call it K6?) because my server was under powered.  But I do have a brand new Dell server that is plenty powerful and I am thinking of installing K2 (in a test environment).  I'll also install Labtech and then compare the two.

    Besides appearing very feature rich, the pricing is attractive too.  e.g. I am currently paying about $460/ month for maintenance on 250 agents.  That would drop to about $170/month with Labtech.  Even the initial 2 year purchase plan with Labtech for 250 agents would be only $208/month (which includes maint).

    I think I'll monitor their forum for complaints so I can get a handle on what the current Labtech issues are.  They have an open forum where even outsiders can participate.  To me, that implies they have nothing to hide and are very proud of their product.

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  • I'd really like to hear your opinion once you a ready with the comparison of both products.

  • I would also be interested on your feedback and thoughts.  Looked at them a while ago, and getting frustrated with K's missed promises and lack of communication.

  • I remember talk of them several months back and they were still considerably behind kaseya in features, it's interesting that you describe them now as k on roids. There was a user in the forum that blogged his migration i believe from k to labtech but i'm not sure where in the old forum it is. I know there's a web site of people who have either switched or are thinking of switching but I don't feel comfortable pasting the link in here.

    My understanding is some people have made the switch, others have stayed with K. Some run into problems migrating some don't. Some feel weary of how their sales process was handled. I think the feature sets are still lacking compared to k but some people argue they can get by without them. The biggest negative i see offhand with them is the scripting is apparently a lot different with labtech and there's no way to convert k2 scripts which is an automatic no go for us. Maybe that's changed not sure.

  • Watch the webinar when you have some spare time and I'll bet you will be amazed at how well thought out and deep Labtech's product is.

    For me, being a one man shop, it's almost a no-brainer to leave K:

    1) they continue to have poor turnaround times on tickets (several of my last few tickets took 6-7 days for a reply).  I emailed George F and Alan D - but they do not even have the professional courtesy to reply :(

    2) K prices are about 2x Labtech, plus Labtech does not seem to soak users with that wacky escalating maintenance price "formula" in the latter years of your payments.

    3) a Labtech user commented that about 40% of his K scripts did not need to be scripted in LT because of built-in functionality (e.g. defrag).

    4) on a current K ticket they are not willing to fix K-VNC, which leaves me unable to transfer files because of a bug that affects some 64 bit scenarios (e.g. my 64 bit Vista admin PC cannot reliably copy files from agents using K-VNC, as they get truncated/corrupt.  K has known about it for well over a year yet never fixed it).  I should mention I am still on K5 because I did not have a sufficiently powerful server until recently.  K says they are not willing to fix anything that is broken in K5 :(  Even with a powerful new server, I hesitate to upgrade to K2 because of lack of consensus from users that the K2 world is a happy one.

    5) KES seemed promising, but eventually I realized K and AVG did not have a very good working relationship.  Bugs galore with AVG, performance issues, severe bugs affecting servers etc.  I am migrating all my customers to VIPRE, and will keep them that way even if I go to LT.

    6) K's ticketing system is riddled with HTML parsing bugs when tickets are created/updated via email.  Jim S at K has run out of steam on fixing these issues.  It's easier to say "just upgrade to K2"...


    Sorry, I got a little off-topic and started to rant too much.  But I feel better now :)

  • Interesting - I guess nobody has come from LabTech?  Then again, this new forum is so clunky that I am sure user participation is much less these days

  • We evaluated LabTech but the amount of questions we had that were answered with "you can write T-SQL to do that" was a bit unnverving...plus they are a SMALL shop, at the time they had like 35 employees and we wanted to let them mature a bit with all the business they picked up after the ConnectWise investment and early K2 issues.  We just migrated to K2 and although it was a bit bumpy no major flaws seem to exist and the new and upcoming features are still great for us.  One suggestion if you are not comfortable with the K2 upgrade is to call your rep and check on having their Pro Services team help out, I think that made all the difference for us as they did a great job and ensured we were up without issues day 1.

  • We have abandoned Kaseya 6 months ago, and migrated 2500 agents to Labtech.

    All I can say now is that we would never look back, Labtech is simply light years ahead of K2!

  • I'm also considering looking elsewhere, what would be the biggest loss by moving to labtech?

  • "All I can say now is that we would never look back, Labtech is simply light years ahead of K2!


    Please elaborate.  Comments like this don't help anyone here.

  • -Fast, intuitive interface

    -advanced scripting engine

    -very wide array of options built in, no need to script simple actions

    -very low hardware requirement for the server (our runs happily on 4GB RAM VM)

    -Integration with Connectwise via API

  • We took a deep look at Labtech just a couple of months ago and ended up frustrated and are staying with Kaseya.

    Labtech does offer some nice features, and since they are a MSP they desgined the product from ground level with what they needed/wanted. It is completely different than how Kaseya functions.

    Some of the drawbacks for us are:

    - Slow interface for remote users. It is a 32bit app.

    - Very limited web access.

    - Very difficult to learn in depth how everything works. I can teach Kaseya to a tech in a matter of days and have them doing everything (patching, monitoring, etc) but I spent three weeks trying to learn Labtech monitoring and basically got nowhere.

    - We rely heavily on event monitoring, and would of had to completly redesign our event sets for specific events instead of *all and then ignoring what we do not want. With Labtech this also requires intensive SQL writing.

    - Support seemed much worse than Kaseya. We had a very difficult time in getting out trial extended to 60 days for further testing (we have over 2000 agents and multiple departments that needed to test functionality). Emails to support remained unanswered even after a week. There is no acknowledgement that they recieved the email/ticket.

    -VNC access was WORSE than Kaseya. Kaseya Live Connect is faster, but normal VNC was pretty much even. The drawback with Labtech is they only support one monitor on the controlled machine. If the user has multiple monitors, you can only see one. And yes we verified this with LT support and they said "i is a feature that is coming soon"(meaning multiple monitor support.

    I definately feel LT is worth a look. However, it is just not for us. For a smaller company or a just starting company I think it could be great though.

  • ....... However, it is just not for us........

    I think that is the main aspect with this type of tooling software, before we started a pilot with kaseya, we reviewed 14 other packages (LT was one of them) to see if those fit our needs and requirements. In this case it is not only 'who have the most and best features'  

    Then a other important requirements for us were local support and not reliable on e-mail or forums etc, easy to pick up, not things LT is good enough for.

    A few weeks ago i received a e-mail from LT, with some typical US shotgun sales, as you can see there are points that are not true at all, so i wonder, are they afraid of kaseya?!:


    We just hosted our annual Automation Nation Summit and here are some of the things our customers that switched from Kaseya to LabTech are telling us how we differ:

    (We currently have roughly 50 Kaseya/Zenith customers a month cancelling their contract and making the move over to LabTech. Unlike Kaseya, you can cancel your contract at any time.)    

    A few differences with LabTech are:

    Besides cost there are some very compelling differences in our solution compared to Kaseya. The one we hear the most is about is our ability to remote into an end user with no interruption or knowledge to the end user.

    Kaseya’s LiveConnect is a huge burden on bandwidth vs. LabTech which has virtually no impact to bandwidth.

    LabTech has extensive drag and drop capability within the LabTech GUI vs. NO drag and drop capability in Kaseya.

    We are extremely flexible & scalable architecture.

    We don’t compete against you – we don’t sell to end users. We are easy to do business with.

    Blacklist/White list, lock-down & uninstall applications just by "right-clicking". Create scripts on the “fly”

    Software Metering of licenses in use and how many licenses left.

    Add-Remove/Unlock  AD user accounts just by "right clicking in the Labtech console

    Create monitors (internal or remote)"on the fly" just by right clicking.

    Lock-down unwanted processes & services. Kill & delete from startup. Great for malware removal!

    Easier to use Scripting engine.(GOTO statements) & nesting in the ELSE statement. We have been doing Nested if –then-else since our inception.

    Broadcast questions to end-users and based on users answers can run scripts.

    Raise alerts via e-mail but also pager, Voice, Fax or Print, Instant Msg.

    You can run 3rd party TCP based  apps/utilities(i.e. putty, telnet and RDP)through the Labtech console using the re-director for the device.

    Groups- Tons of flexibility with groups in LabTech. Machine can be in multiple groups and be added or joined dynamically.

    Our partnership with ConnectWise provides us with some compelling advantages:

    You will have full 2-way synchronization at the API level (i.e. NOT using the Email Connector which is a potential point of failure using Kaseya). Our integration uses the full breath of the API including syncing of clients, contacts, configurations, tickets and launch in context for computer management.  

    Plus from a business standpoint here are some additional benefits

    etc ect ect


  • @Mike Reed - We have quite a few customers who've come from Labtech, and I've asked them to provide feedback here so you can understand why they came back and/or never left.  Also, I suggest you do a comparison of K2 with LT.  The K2 product roadmap webinar will give you a feel for what's in store for the platform.  We view the RMM decision as very strategic for a MSP business, rather than just tactical.  It's possible that Kaseya is still not the best fit for your business, but I want to make sure you have the best information.  

    @Bsis - Kaseya is the proven market leader and being in this position means that different competitors will try all sorts of tactics to try and take market share from us.  LT has been doing this shotgun style that you've noticed and unfortunately for MSPs, LT has been spreading a fair bit of either outdated, or just plain untrue information about Kaseya.   Good for you for doing a solid evaluation.  We hope that all of our customers can do a solid evaluation.  


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  • Brendan - K support has really been poor lately for me.  And to make matters worse,  neither Alan D or George F had the courtesy to reply to emails I sent to them complaining about tickets going 6 - 7 days before getting an initial reply from the "escalated" assignee.  Alan and George's lack of response told me they either do not care (about a solo shop like me) or just do not have the time.  Neither is acceptable to me.  And then there is the issue of bugs: I have uncovered so many bugs in my nearly 3 years with K that I am just plain tired of it.  Luckily, being a one man shop affords me more options when it comes to choosing an alternative product to Kaseya.  I can afford to start from scratch with a new platform since I have less than 250 agents.

    Anyway, since I am current with maintenance I will upgrade to K2 just in case some incredible surprise awaits me.  I will then do some comparisons of K2 vs LT and share my findings with anybody that is interested.

    But I still have to say that if you take LT's product for a test drive, the interface seems so much more intuitive and powerful than K's (K5 for me at the moment).  Time will tell - stay tuned...