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KServer running as Virtual Machine

  • So, I was just curious. How many of us out there are running our KServer as a VM?  If so, how many agents checking in, how many administrators, etc.

    My details:

    VM Host: XenServer 5.6.0 using iSCSI shared storage

    Agents: 1044 checking in

    Active administrators: Between my engineers and clients that use our system about 30

    KServer Version:

    The systems runs well, no issues with slowness. At any given time have 5 to 10 admins logged in and using system.




  • I was running K5 in a VM.  Worked well till I got to some magic number and it went to custard.  I think it was about 12 or 14 hundred.  When it got to 1600 it was constantly crashing, freezing, not able to log on and lots of other annoying things.  We moved about 400 agent to a tempoary server untill we had organised a physical box with K6.  WE had about 80 admins at that time so there could be up to 20 at any time

    We now have 2200 agents and 105 admins now on the physical box and have no performance issues 2 X quad core xeon with 8 drives set up as 2 X RAID 1,0 and 24 GB RAM with server 2008 and SQL 2008.  At times wehn I have seen the admin consoiloe I have seen 10 admins remoting to clients machines at one time and there can be up to 40 admins logged on

  • We have both of our K5 and K2 (still migrating clients) as VMs.  Storage is iSCSI NAS with roughly 2500 agents checking in and 20 admins.  No slowness issues to report with either system (other than the obvious VSA slowdown with K2).

  • We have k2 with 2000 agents and about 15 admins on a VM - we do have roles split so have two VM servers Web and DB. Lots of RAM and CPU and all seems to be well.

  • We had DB and web in same VM and it was on a comercially hosted server which we shared with other customers which probably caused the problem we had.  The problem was disk queues often going up to 90.  Our supplier moved some other clients off that platform and we got some improvment but it was not sustainable so we rented our own box in their data centre