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Remote Control using WinVNC

  • At different times there has been a lot of discussion about VNC through Kaseya, primarily with the slowness and lag. Back at the begining of the year, we changed all remote control types for workstations to KVNC, as it seemed faster. After the K2 upgrade, it still seemed reasonable, but about a month after the upgrade all of our techs were complaining about the speed (I personally thought it was still acceptable, but with a noticable lag).

    Last week, after spending uncounted hours troubleshooting our network performance, we decided to test WinVNC (icon is the white V2 next to the agent names) versus Kvnc (yellowish icon). We started by uninstalling the current VNC through Kaseya, then pushed out WinVNC and started remote control sessions. Almost globally, using WinVNC is lightning quick. The lag (for us) is no longer there, the only slowness is waiting on the machine to process requests. For example, opening start menu is instantaneous, no more waiting for it to refresh. Time wise, when using a timer to compare the two, WinVNC is running about 3 seconds quicker, and again with no noticable lag.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen what we have, and switched back to using WinVNC. If you are still using Kvnc and there is a frustrating lag, try to uninstall Kvnc and start using WinVNC; it has muted a lot of complaints for us by our help desk techs.

  • I haven't switched back. In my roughly seven years of experience simply using VNC, it has always been a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it's comparable to competing RC products and sometimes it's crazy slow but it's easy to use and gets the job done.

    For some reason, since I upgraded to K2 (when managing servers), I started using the RDP type and that is always wicked fast and is an adequate replacement of any form of VNC.

  • I too have a love/hate relationship with VNC, I suppose if you're doing this type of work for long enough everyone gets it... I posted in another thread that (Win/K)VNC has been pretty much hit and miss some networks one will work better than the other, heck in some case it's down the one machine likes one better than the other, no rhyme or reason that I've been able to find. We've even tried RAdmin, same thing...

    RDP has always been quick, well almost always, but, I'm not too keen on how I can't shadow a users session.

    I guess it's just the packet gremlins having their way with us...

  • I agree RDP is almost always the quickets option, but primarily we only use it for servers. RDP is not very efficient for workstations since cannot shadow user session and work with them to resolve any issue.

  • Ah yes, RDP for servers and VNC for workstations. The ability must be there to shadow users. Back to the love/hate thing is where I find myself.

  • Thanks, I'll give it a go.  I usually end up installing Team Viewer in parallel.  It's nice to have a backup option.  Just wish we could tunnel arbitrary ports via Agents so we could use any tool we wanted even SSH on Mac/Linux.

  • I personally am not a fan of VNC...find it way too slow when compared to other products.  Our primary RC tool is logmein free and would love to see K and LMI integrated together...