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What PSA to use? Connectwise, Autotask, or something else?

  • We are new to Kaseya, using K2. currently using a homegrown ticketing/billing system, looking at the big packages. Anyone using Connectwise or Autotask and can tell me the good or bad about it?


    I've been through both of their sales presentations, they both do a great presentation, but i have my list of gripes for each program. I'd rather hear from real-world users what you do and don't like about whatever PSA you use. Thanks.

  • I've been on ConnectWise for 3 yrs now. Never regretted it once. I feel its an excellent program.

  • ConnectWise also, the only problem I have with it is that we have to rethink it uses... great tool I don't regret the decision at all (even though our sales staff is too lazy to learn it the techs like it)...

  • I've been with Autotask for some time now.  It's been a life-saver for my business and my techs.  They have a great community which helps you a long the way with any questions you might have and I almost always find the answers to my questions there without really having to go to support.  I had taken a look at CW and a few other options and while all of them have their pro's and cons I ended up with Autotask and haven't looked back.  Good luck!

  • My vote is with Autotask; we've been a user for nearly three years and it has had a fantastic impact on our business.

    Whilst no product is perfect, as another contributor has pointed out there is a great and vibrant community around Autotask and importantly for me Autotask themselves are a great company to work with. To me this is one thing which really sets Autotask apart in the market.  

    There is a powerful integration with Kaseya which helps tie the two systems together

    Hope that helps


  • We have been a big fan of AutoTask for years.  Transformed our business and is a major part of why we are having our best year ever.  Sure, there are a few things that could be better, but they are all "nice to haves".  I echo the sentiments of the others here - the AT community (forums) is great and i love that the AT executives are regular contributors to the commuinity.  I know they are listenting.

  • We like the Autotask /Kasya Integration, especially the ability to get Kaseya Machine info directly from Autotask, using Live Links.


  • we just brought up TigerPaw and I like it. Their users are very helpful too, and we're using ver 11 (their latest release) and it's really nice and HIGHLY customizable.

  • I am a user of ConnectWise, but have been watching Autotask for years also. I see both products as being very well supported by their vendors, as well as have excellent communities. I would say that you need to eval the capabilities of each, and see which one best fits your model of doing business. Either one would be a good choice.