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Can't install Kaseya Agent onto Window 7

  • Hi. I attempted to install Kaseya agent onto a Windows 7 laptop however it has not installed correctly where the Windows Firewall was turned on. It looked to install fine and agentmon and kausrtsk were running, however the service was not installed and the program also isn't in add/remove programs. The agent appears to function correctly, however when rebooted neither agentmon or kausrtsk start.

    Agentmon.log contains the following entries:
    2010/09/01 11:29:55.556 [770]: ***<<>>***
    2010/09/01 11:29:55.556 [770]: Agent controls drivers: False
    2010/09/01 11:29:55.556 [770]: Agent version
    2010/09/01 11:29:55.572 [770]: Agent working folder is ""
    2010/09/01 11:29:55.587 [770]: Agent enters running state...
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.134 [770]: Could not update the dispaly name in Add/Remove settings. Code: 2
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.165 [770]: UpdateShortcutDescriptionW() returns 0x80070003!
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.165 [770]: Loading startup DLL commands...
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.165 [770]: End loading startup DLL commands.
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.181 [314]: kascInit: Opened socket 428.
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.196 [314]: kascEstablishConn: Connect to socket 428.
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.555 [314]: kascTerminate: End socket 428.
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.618 [570]: kascInit: Opened socket 568.
    2010/09/01 11:29:56.633 [570]: kascEstablishConn: Connect to socket 568.

    I have tried manually uninstalling it by running the below commands then attempting to install again and it still does the same thing.
    taskkill /IM agentmon.exe /F
    taskkill /IM kausrtsk.exe /F
    rmdir /S /Q "C:\Program Files\Kaseya"
    regedit /S kaseya.reg

    Disabling the firewall before installing seems to work fine but there are 7 laptops that have the problem that i've described.

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  • THis happens to us when we forget to turn off the UAC. Firewall and UAC are separate services and more than likey UAC is the culprit.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your suggestion. UAC is turned off in the Windows image and I've checked and it is not turned on. However, i've been able to install it now after disabling Trend Anti-virus.

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