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service desk / email contact address variable

  • Dear,
    I'm using the service desk and our flow when the client opens a call he should receive a confirmation email to open call.

    when the client enters the portal Kaseya / service desk and opens the ticket , everything works fine.

    but most calls are opened by telephone, and if so who create the ticket is our engineer. When the technician opens the ticket, he chooses COMPANY AND CONTACT, but give the submitter's email address is being my technician and not the client (COMPANY / CONTACT).

    I tried to find a variable that representation EMAIL CONTACT COMPANY, but could not find. So I found of the submitter, the assignee and the owner.

    How can I make when my technician open the ticket and he choose the company / contact, such contact automatically becomes a submitteremailaddress's ticket?


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  • as far as i know that cannot be done at the moment. However you could do a check in your on change procedure

    if submitter email contains @mydomain.com sent email to contact

    just thinking of this option as i am writing this (so i did not check it) i think you can even actually copy the contact details to submitter details with the same if check.

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