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VNC Conflicts

  • I know there was a thread on this already but now for the life of me cant find it. Bump again on the forum search functions sucking the big one...

    I just posted this to support. Anybody seen similar?

    ​I have clients that use VNC to connect from home. I get VNC corruptions and things break on their end when I use LC VNC or direct VNC from remote tab.
    I also noticed that some other tech support remote tools conflict. For instance I had tech support on a PC while I was onsite. They use some branded VNC program..
    I got to the office and connected back to the PC using LC VNC. The remote app from the previous support session was still partially active and when I disconnected it it dropped my connection and corrupted LC VNC requiring a reinstall.
    I have seen this on multiple PCs.
    Why cant you change the service name/sockets and everything else that could possibly interfere with a normal VNC setup. It also requires a bunch of tries to uninstall and force reinstall of LC VNC which takes time and makes us look stupid. Then if I dont remeber to uninstall VNC after finishing it locks the client out of their own VNC connection making us look even worse.

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  • got this from support:
    Please refer the below linls regarding live connect through kaseya,


    This is an awesome quote:
    In short, Kaseya RC does not co-exist with a standard WinVNC installation.

    So we login using VNC and dont get any warning that we are about to break a clients PC. Nice.

    The other Awesome quote:
    Your options are to either use a different VNC product for direct access to the machine (e.g. Ultra VNC, Tight VNC) or to use a different RC type with Kaseya (e.g. Terminal Services or Radmin).

    If the non-Kaseya VNC installation must be utilized, then use RDP/Terminal Services as the Kaseya Remote Control method.

    RDP is not an option most of the time. Windows Home or we dont have the password. Or the client needs to watch/show us something. Or they get agravated when the desktop icons are all shifted around.

    Radmin? so we should pay for another Remote tool because yours sucks so bad? Right the thousands we paid were for the Procedure Editor I suppose?

    At least a warning saying, hey looks like somebody elses VNC is here. You sure you want to break this customers PC so next time they are out of town and need that document they cant get to it??????

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  • I agree with everything you just said. I had a LOB vendor who was using VNC to connect and perform database maintenance. I had to tell him to use LogMeIn because Kaseya had locked him out. I don't see why they can't just change the service name / exe name / port number. It's all automatic anyway.

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  • What we do is to set the LOB vendor up as an administrator in Kaseya, scopedb to the customer. They only have RC access and cant use Live Connect. That way they have to connect via our K Server and we can track, for the customer, when they are connected.

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  • We were getting problems with 'connection refused' when using both Kaseya and local VNC. To fix, we run a simple script to set the following DWORD registry value to 0 - this seems to work for us:


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  • i had the same issue with VNC and corrected by using the reg key fix
    i want to set a password for VNC though. i have tried setting manually but it doesn't seem to take except for on 1 machine. i have created a script to set the password through a reg key and then restart the vnc service but have not had any luck. Any ideas? thank you

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  • I'm still using K5 but can't imagine it's changed much in K6/2; I've been using UltraVNC on all PC's since before I started using Kaseya (think it's superior to vanilla VNC anyway) and it happily coexists with Kaseya.

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  • Personally I have always found VNC of any flavor to be unreliable and slow compared to other products.

    LogMeIn is still one of the better web based products for remote support and we still use the free version for doing most of the support for our clients.

    Radmin was also one of the best tools out there for the longest time, but not having a web based console (and its cost) made it lose ground to LogMeIn pretty quickly.

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  • Kaseya sets the VNC password in addition to configuring VNC to only listen on the localhost.

    For the longest time, I stated this was a randomly generated password, but I have a sneaking suspicion it may just be blank.

    Which is why you shouldn't mess with the local host configuration.

    You should provide any 3rd party access through Kaseya, as opposed to giving them direct VNC access. This is horribly insecure, and we see hack attempts all the time when auditing prospective customers whose 3rd party providers have required open VNC ports (as opposed to securing VNC via e.g. IP access control lists).

    The audit advantages as mentioned are incredibly useful.


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