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Request for ability to rollback hotfixes.

  • This is an official request/plea to be able to revert back from hotfixes or a clarified explanation on why this isn't in there. A hotfix from this morning that applied at my 5am Central time interval has had me down all day. No service desk, no kes, only the normal kaseya functions are operating. That's almost 7 hours in which we have been dead in the water as far as our ticketing goes. Is there a specific reason we are unable to have better hotfix management?

    Let me follow up with this thought, why is it that every time i open a support ticket the first suggestion by any support person has been "we see you don't have automatic hotfixes enabled, this needs to be enabled for any issues we may have fixed and it also fixes any problems you may be having" and then when i do enable automatic hotfixes i end up at least partially inop for up to 7 hours (yes I believe this is my record setting downtime thus far).

    However I notice that I'm able to create tickets in the Kaseya portal which uses service desk so that leads me to believe that the hotfixes aren't even tested on your own server. Automatic hotfixes are being turned off permanently now on my box. I have given the automatic hotfixes multiple opportunities but I always end up feeling like a lab rat. Why can't we roll back or revert to a prior hotfix???

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  • I completely agree - if they want automatic hotfixes, then there needs to be some type of roll back mechnism.. but that may get complicated with the database changes...

    I am not bashing Kaseya, but I have found that every once in a while a hotfix can take down your server... It may not be right when it's downloaded, but could be at 2-4am when the server does it's maintenance and that hotfixes is finally applied... We were down for a few hours a few years ago and have always done hotfixes manually since.. we do them once per week or more often if we are having an issues. We always do the following each time.. 1. Do the hotfixes between 8-10pm so we have the night to troubleshoot. 2. Check the forums to see if others are having issues with recent patches.. 3. Ensure there is a viable backup 4. Manually run hotfixes 5. Run Scheme Update 6. Run Hotfixes 7. Repeat d and e until no hotfixes remaining. 8. Check fucntionality.

    This takes about 15 minutes, but it's worth it... note that most not all of the issues I have run into while do hotfixes has been due to incomplete or corrupt files which have almost always been fixed by running KaWebUpdate... it has been a life saver for us...

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  • I guess that's the method I will have to resort to but I just want to state right away something is severely flawed here. I finally got back online while having 2 different support people on the phone. Seriously though, users were putting in tickets from 6am until 1:15pm that we couldn't work, close or notate otherwise apart from replying to the ticket's email which would add in our notes.

    However reports on response times don't report off the body of a ticket that says "This has been resolved as of 10:28am will close the ticket once Servicedesk is working" so i have some tickets that may have been resolved at 6:30am that won't be closed until 1:15pm... can't wait to have that discussion as i try to explain Kaseya's hotfixes breaking my system again.

    I'm just extremely aggravated right now at multiple facets, like the 204 agents that i'm now going to have to manually uninstall and clean up and then reinstall because something didn't take properly during an agent update so those agents refuse to upgrade past

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  • I seriously question if there is any testing done before hotfixes are deployed. I think Kaseya should deploy them internally on their systems for at least a couple of days before they roll them out to Customers

    Also on a side note I am glad to see there are a few other people that are using SD. it has a lot of potential but every time I try to test it I keep running into issue that I know if it was in wide spread use would have been identified and resolved already

    PS. I am still waiting to a response to my ticket related to SD not working

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  • If you haven't learned by now, the first thing you should do on installing Kaseya is disable automatic hotfixes.


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